Short Stories
Black Juice Margo Lanagan In this extraordinary short story collection, human frailty is put... More
Piensa azul, cuenta hasta dos (Los Senores de la Instrumentalidad, 1) Cordwainer Smith LOS SENORES DE LA INSTRUMENTALIDAD es una monumental, sorprendente e... More
Ox-Tales: Air(Ox-Tales) Mark Ellingham Ox-Tales is a set of four compelling and collectible books,... More
Cuentos. Anton Chejov Anton Chekhov La maestria con la que retrata la personalidad y la... More
Some New Ambush (Salt Modern Fiction) Carys Davies Shot through with wit and aching emotional poignancy, these stories... More
The First Space Dustman (The Space Salvager Chronicles, 1) K. Mclachlan The Earth, once the shining gem of our Solar System,... More
Prelude Katherine Mansfield One of Katherine Mansfields most important works, Prelude established her... More
Never Breathe a Word: The Collected Stories of Caroline Blackwood Caroline Blackwood The biography of Lady Caroline Blackwood includes tumultuous, highly public... More
The Signal-Man / To be read at dusk Charles Dickens Un ominoso fantasma sobre las vias del tren, cuyas apariciones... More
The Cats Pajamas and Other Stories James K. Morrow Terminal baptism, erotic performance art, and voodoo economics with actual... More
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