Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks Friedrich Nietzsche For Nietzsche the Age of Greek Tragedy was indeed a... More
Tausend Plateaus Gilles Deleuze A rare and remarkable book. Times Literary SupplementGilles Deleuze (1925-1995)... More
The Sayings Of Confucius Confucius The Analects, or Lun Yu, represents the primary surviving source... More
Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age - A Manifesto Christopher Vitale Networkologies is the first text to develop an entire new... More
Alyllisen itsepuolustuksen pikakurssi Normand Baillargeon What is the relationship between democracy and critical thinking? What... More
On Being Human Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilsonis philosophical essay on what makes a person ihuman.i... More
Tool-Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Objects Graham Harman Martin Heidegger (1889�1976) influenced the work of such diverse thinkers... More
The Exform(Futures 5) Nicolas Bourriaud Author of the influential Relational Aesthetics examines the dynamics of... More
Reason and Morality Alan Gewirth Gewirths system synthesizes many of the traditional issues of political... More
Der Baum Der Erkenntnis. Die Biologischen Wurzeln Des Menschlichen Erkennens Humberto R. Maturana Knowing how we know is the subject of this book.... More
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