New books
Available Darkness: Book Three Sean Platt Darkness is Spreading.In the conclusion to the Available Darkness trilogy,... More
Knox: The Anatomist Isobel Rae The nefarious practices of the murderers Burke and Hare were... More
Carrington Christopher Hampton A triangular trinity of happiness was how Dora Carrington described... More
Reflecting on the Serenity Prayer Philip St. Romain God grant me the serenity...In addition to being the most... More
Locusts Will Eat Your Money Mike Silver What will happen if I stop tithing? Will locusts really... More
Captured Terri J. Haynes Special Agent Will Anderson is counting the days before he... More
Culture and Customs of the Hmong Gary Yia Lee Culture and Customs of the Hmong takes a global approach... More
Fairy Tales of the FIercer Sex Alison Larkin This e-book is published to accompany the audiobook Fairy Tales... More
En octubre no hay milagros Oswaldo Reynoso Lima en los anos 60: es el dia del Senor... More
The Master of the Mill Frederick Philip Grove More
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