Fairest K.S. Trenten On the eve of my sixteenth year, Im cursed to... More
My Bare Naked Heart David Avery Winner of the Goodreads G/G 2016 BEST GAY MENS FICTION... More
Masquerade(Techromancy Scrolls 3) Erik Schubach Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on... More
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LAmber Tanith Lee As she says of herself, Jay is a chancer. But... More
Sucking Sherbet Lemons Michael Carson The classic and classy gay comedy about how Benson comes... More
Battlefields Vance N. Smith From the outside, the middle-class James family appears better off... More
Burning Tracks(Spotlight 2) Lilah Suzanne Gwen Pasternak�s got it all. Or so it seems�In the... More
The Flywheel Erin Gough The Ampersand Prize-winner Erin Gough delivers a heart-warming debut novel... More
The Girls Next Door: Into the Heart of Lesbian America Lindsy Van Gelder What Tom Wolfe did for astronauts and Roger Angell did... More
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